3+ years of international experience in the I.T and communication industry: Beijing, Singapore, Paris.
Communication & Web Marketing
📍Paris - Resume

Digital Marketing - Content Creation - Copyrighting
Web Design - Graphic Design - Coding.

I'm your guy.


Stunning Visuals for Effective Messages

*starting $5


The Right tool for the Exact Purpose

  • It's Everywhere

    Adapts to Desktop, tablets and mobile to provide a seemless experience on each of the device.

  • It's a Shop

    Embeds WooComerce connected to the most convenient payment methods

  • It's a Brand

    Meticulous work on the brand. Running Instagram account for getting closer to the clients


Captivating Stories from a French perspective

Self-published Book​

Arnaud in China - The Travelbook

Join the breath taking 3 year-adventure of a french young adult getting lost in Asia
Auto-published - PDF & Print - 80 pages - French (mainly)

*starting $5